Ce rouet électrique SmartWheel Tex Médium part aux États-Unis

La famille s’agrandit avec ce nouveau prototype du rouet électrique SmartWheel Tex Médium qui part faire le beau aux États-Unis !

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This e-spinning wheel SmartWheel Tex Medium is going to USA

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Hello dear friends,
today I introduce you the medium SmartWheel Tex which will soon go to Philadelphia.

This is one of the wheels of the SmartWheel Tex range of which I am the founder

I designed and realized a complete range of spinning wheels, here is the intermediate version.

This wheel is made of biosourced PLA and bio compostable resin. You have in this version 4 possibilities of spinning with a set of flyer plus bobbin reversible and a double drive.

For example here in this configuration, I am in double Scottish training.
You can return all the set to have a double Irish training like this.
You can also work in Irish tension with the brake, to be done, you can use the brake that will help to slow the flyer, this way the bobbin is driven by the motor using this belt. Here I am in Irish tension.
You can also switch to Scottish tension, for that just return all the set, to drive the flyer with the engine and to brake the bobbin.

So 4 possibilities of spinning, a single wheel, an ergonomic control with tactile keys.
The control box is ergonomic and adaptable to all wheels in the range. You can use the same box to control the mini, medium and jumbo wheels.

You also have the possibility to control your wheel by voice, with voice control, and for the Jumbo you have the battery SmartWheel Tex with a 7.2 volts output that allows a power reserve to spin comfortably.

I thank you for your listening, so this wheel goes to Philadelphia with these beautiful colors and beautiful design, which you can see here. Thank you for your attention and see you soon for a next video.